• Senate April 20th second agenda

    19 Apr 2018 by David Blake

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Senate April 20th second agenda

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Senate April 20th second agenda
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2019-2020 Catalog Changes

Login to submit changes.  Any curricular changes related to the catalog that are approved after December 22, 2018 will be published in the next catalog. 

Helpful Hints for Chairs and Deans

Curriculog - Curriculum Management System

Curriculog automates the process of curriculum approval, helping colleges and universities to approve course and program changes and improve communication about the curriculum across campus.

Accessing the System

Anyone may view proposals in the list to the left without signing in. By clicking on the View icon, you can see the proposal's progress. As a guest you may also view all published agendas for Curriculum Committee and Faculty Senate.  You do not need to login to view these.

If you are a member of the curriculum review process and you need to enter proposals or decisions, you must click on the “login” link on the top, right side of the screen before accessing your proposals.  You will use your CAS login information.

Important Curriculum Information

Changes that can be made outside the formal approval process:

-Changing the semester a course is offered (departments may use the regular course scheduling process.  If the term offered is specified in the course description, this should be updated during the departmental editing of the Catalog of Courses).

-Creation of courses numbered 190 or 390 (form available on the Registrar’s Office webpage; requires chair and dean approval).

-Editorial rewriting of course descriptions (may be done during catalog edits prior to publication of the Fall course schedule and corresponding Catalog of Courses).

-Reinstatement of previously deleted courses (see the Curriculum Approval Procedures document on the Provost web page for more information).

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Listed below are the symbols and colors utilized in Curriculog:

  • = has not made a decision
  • = approved
  • = rejected
  • = held
  • = suspended
  • = cancelled
  • = multiple decisions
  • = task
  • = mine
  • = stuck
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